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Easy to Follow Instructions

Step-by-step video instructions for the novice and the advanced user. Learn in your own time and at your own pace.

Leading Content

Leading content for STEM Education for both Primary and Secondary schools with problem solving linked to real-world scenarios.


Learning Outcomes

Turn-key solutions for classroom implementations with learning outcomes linked with the Australian Curriculum.

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Programs developed by teachers for teachers

What Our Customers Say

The STEM Punks program totally engaged our students. They absolutely loved the challenge of coding their drones to land on the orange helipad. They were eager to rewrite and perfect their codes once they understood the relationship between speed and time. STEM Punks were professional, engaging and bang on target for our Year 3 and 4 students.

Tonia Lassman

Head of Teaching and Learning, Clayfield College

The STEM program that was specifically developed for us enabled students to experience a wide range of these different skills and also connected them all together in an engaging and supportive environment. The students showed a keen interest in the use of drones and their programming which also included the design and 3D printing of a particular part of the machine. Due to the nature of the program, students were able to participate in hands on activities that developed an understanding and practical application of skills through creativity and innovative thinking. Led by an excellent presenter, the aim of the STEM program as envisioned by the school has allowed students to see just how closely linked these concepts are in a variety of real-world situations.

Matthew Wilson

Acting Assistant Head of Faculty - Science, St Laurence’s College

This was an excellent opportunity for our staff. STEM Punks provided information in easily accessible formats and was able to offer something to everyone, from novice coder to those with some experience of more complicated coding platforms. Everyone was thoroughly engaged and it has provided momentum for revisiting digital technologies and how to make it an important part of our curriculum from the early years into secondary. Drones for use in agriculture was a great ‘hook’ in our community.

Jenny Kent

Principal, Millmerran State P-10 School

Upskill in STEM Education Today

Programs developed by teachers for teachers