Lesson 1 – Objectives


To have all the systems ready to go!


Explore real-world applications for Drones.


Understand safety and drone regulations.

Lesson 1 – Classroom Worksheet

Below you will find the classroom Worksheet for the lesson. There is also a link below the document where you can download the Worksheet as a PDF.

Lesson 1a – Introduction to Drones

Lesson 1a – Worksheet Guide


Explore with the students the use of Drones and discuss how Drone technology can be used for both good and bad. Discuss these answers. We always choose good – why do you think is it important to talk about the bad use of technology as well?

Step 2. DRAW

The students will now take on the role of Drone designers and explore what Drones can be used for. The students use their creativity to draw and label their ideas for awesome ideas for Drone designs.

Lesson 1b – Drone Safety

Lesson 1b – Worksheet Guide


Discuss why rules are important when flying Drones and reflect on the video you just watched. Get the students to write down some of the rules from the video and explain why these are so important.


Explore with the students what other rules they think would be good to make the flying of Drones even safer.

Step 5. DRAW

Let the students draw a representation of what they think the world would look like if we didn’t had any rules for Drone flying.

Lesson 1 – Outcomes


Do the students know the 3 rules for flying Drones?


Can the students identify multiple real world applications for Drones?