Lesson 1 – Objectives


To have all the systems ready to go!


Explore real-world applications for Drones.


Understand safety and drone regulations.

Lesson 1 – Worksheet

Lesson 1a – How Drones work

Lesson 1a – Worksheet Guide


Explore with the students the use of Drones and discuss how Drone technology can be used for both good and bad. Discuss these answers. We always choose good – why do you think is it important to talk about the bad use of technology as well?


Drones are called rotary-winged aircraft as they have a rotating wing that generates lift. Can you explain the difference between fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft? Think of big aircraft from the airport – like a Boeing 747, a fixed-wing aircraft.

Step 3. DRAW

How do the four motors of a Quadcopter work together to make the drone rotate? Draw some arrows on the worksheet to show the directions of each propeller.

Lesson 1b – Drone Flight & Safety

Lesson 1b – Worksheet Guide


Can you explain how drones fly and perform the following movements? write the answer on your worksheet.

  • fly forward
  • fly backward
  • bank left and bank right

Step 5. SAFETY

Can you write down all 3 rules we have for flying? you might to watch the video again if you missed any

Step 6. DRAW

Let the students draw a representation of how they think the world would look like if we didn’t have any rules for Drone flying.

Lesson 1 – Outcomes


Do the students know the 3 rules for flying Drones.


Can the students identify multiple real world applications for Drones.